It has been a long time since we announced that settings were coming to Mue. We had some roadblocks along the way, but we’re happy to announce that the day has finally come. Mue settings is now out!

Now when you open up Mue, you will notice a new button on the screen. Clicking this will open the settings modal where you can edit components to make Mue your new tab. We listened to your feedback and added many requested settings. From changing search provider, to saving your data, Mue has it all.

As well as this, we’ve also implemented some new features to Mue. You can change the background blur, enable seconds on the clock, change to 24 hour and many more. We hope you enjoy tweaking Mue to improve your productivity.

You might also notice there’s another 2 new buttons: update log and refresh. These have also been features we’ve wanted to add for a long time and we hope you find them useful.

As with all big updates, there might be bugs. If you find any, let us know! You can contact us via GitHub issues, email or our Discord server.

Finally, we’re happy to announce that Wessel Tip is now a developer working on Mue. Currently, they’re working on a rewrite for the API to make it faster!



  • Added refresh button
  • Added update log button
  • Added settings button
  • Implemented settings feature
    • Time - Seconds, 24 hour, 12 hours
    • Greeting - Events, add name for extra personalisation
    • Quote - Copy button, copy quote and share it
    • Background - Background blur and custom background (requires URL) Search Bar toggle
    • Offline mode, not using Mue API
  • Experimental Settings
    • Enable WebP (not supported on all browsers but faster performance)
    • Dark Theme, changes theme of modal