Since we began working on Mue all the way back, we knew we wanted to create the best new tab out there while remaining true to our roots.

We will start with:

  • Photo packs
  • Quote packs
  • Preset settings
  • Themes

We plan to keep updating this feature, similar to all of our other features.

How to use the marketplace

On the Mue navbar in the top right hand corner, there are three icons. A settings cog, a refresh button and an alert button. To access the marketplace you must click the settings icon.

This will open a modal with three tabs at the top, in order of appearance. Marketplace, My Addons and Settings. Settings is the default as shown by the darker line underneath settings compared to the lighter on marketplace and my add-ons.

Installing your first add-on

To install your first add-on, navigate to the marketplace by clicking the marketplace text. This will bring you to a familiar store page.

This is the marketplace page, the top has the news for today, in today’s it is the feature change log for our newest update. Underneath that we have 4 titles, which are the types of packs able for install at launch. As an example, let’s install “Crunchyroll Hime”

In order to this click on the box which says “Crunchyroll Hime” and it should take you to a product page similar to this:

Photo pack page

Each product page has a few key features:

  • A title
  • An overview and description
  • Information about the product
  • A notice about requiring a refresh
  • Add to Mue button

To add this addon simply click the Add to Mue button, once you have done that refresh the page and you will see that your changes have taken place.

Removing add-ons

To remove the add-on click on the My-Addons text in the tabs.

Then under added you should see all the add-ons which you have added to your extension. To remove it click on the card and once on the page click the remove button.

Once you have clicked the remove button a toast should appear, telling you that it has been successfully removed. To see the change, refresh the page and whatever the extension had changed will be reverted.

We plan to also write developer documentation so you may create your own addon and submit it to the store.