Here’s an update that brings many fixes to Mue and a few additions.



  • Setting to adjust background brightness (thanks @edenbun!)
  • Maximise button - click it to see just the background
  • Settings to enable/disable refresh and maximise
  • Favourite button - click it to make it so the background doesn’t change on refresh
  • Added sideload addons feature
  • Added custom background colour feature
  • Optimise various features
  • Dark theme detection on reset settings


  • Translations on reset text, upload and toasts now work
  • Prevent dragging of images in the modals
  • Image upload dialog only accepts images now instead of erroring when a non-image file is uploaded
  • Fix ratelimit returning undefined
  • Fix 400 error in console on the marketplace
  • Russian language is now correctly auto-detected
  • Loading marketplace no longer shows no internet, it now says loading
  • Scrollbar no longer escapes modal (thanks @MrZillaGold for finding and @edenbun for fixing!)
  • Dark theme dropdowns now work
  • Fix error from checkbox in console
  • Search bar button now works properly with Yandex
  • Fix slider issue on Firefox