Here’s an update that brings some new features to Mue and fixes.



  • Autocomplete on searchbar with support for Google and Bing
  • Individual widget zoom
  • Sort on marketplace and addons
  • Background filters
  • Photo location in photo packs (thanks @Vicente015!)
  • Lightbox in marketplace product pages and changelog
  • Pexels background API
  • Quality setting for API background images
  • New weather options (wind direction, show text, visibility, cloudiness etc) and auto location
  • Photo information icon toggle option
  • Quick links DuckDuckGo proxy toggle option (when off it uses Google instead to get favicons)


  • Hot reload now works on Custom CSS and font settings
  • Quote packs now work on 5.1
  • Quote settings UI improved
  • Marketplace cleanup
  • Searchbar now supports light theme
  • Favourite background now shows all photo information
  • Chinese (Simplified) and Spanish translations have been updated


  • Photo pack no longer shows Unsplash text (thanks @Vicente015!)
  • Custom JS now works (thanks @Kurasad for reporting!)
  • Safari and Firefox CSS fixes
  • DuckDuckGo proxy no longer breaks offline mode
  • Voice search now works properly with 5.0
  • Various other fixes