Here’s an update that brings some new features to Mue and fixes.



  • New welcome modal experience
  • Change quote/background every x
  • Quick links zoom
  • Set timezone in settings, or continue to use automatic by default
  • Send event debug feature in experimental


  • Hot reload now works on voice search and navbar
  • Voice search now works on Edge
  • Background resolution is much more accurate and works on images from all sources
  • About page now has privacy policy link
  • Marketplace item page style has been updated
  • Search and autocomplete has been optimised
  • Date picker has been replaced with native one


  • Weather now works if you turned offline mode on and then off again
  • Maximise now works properly
  • Clock minutes are always zero-padded as they should be (thanks @garfieldbanks for reporting!)
  • Various settings bug fixes
  • Custom JS errors no longer breaks Mue entirely
  • Add link popup now covers other widgets correctly
  • Some bugs with offline mode and background proxy not working correctly
  • Changelog date now works on Firefox
  • Various other fixes and optimisations