Here’s an update that brings some new features to Mue and a lot of fixes.



  • Stats tab allowing you to see things such as how many tabs you have opened, quotes favourited and more
  • Create tab so you can easily make preset settings addons with photo packs and quote packs coming soon
  • Navbar widget zoom


  • Mue now opens a new tab when installed on Chromium-based browsers
  • When uninstalling Mue, an optional uninstall survey is opened in a new tab once it has been uninstalled on Chromium-based browsers
  • Photo information no longer shows N/A, instead the field is hidden
  • Optimisations


  • Global widget zoom in favor of less buggy individual zoom sliders


  • Tooltip has correct fade out transition
  • Favourite button now works properly when photo information icon is off
  • Favourite button now works properly with marketplace photo packs
  • Birthday greeting inconsistency has been fixed when default greeting message is off
  • Massive fixes to modal responsiveness, including sidebar and marketplace issues
  • Fixed text appearing behind modal during open transition
  • Search now works correctly when pressing enter
  • Widget order tab no longer glitches when moving items for the first time and a widget is hidden
  • Tab name now changes along with the language if you haven’t set a custom one
  • Hot reload bugs fixed with quote and more
  • About tab tooltips text no longer go outside of the tooltip
  • Quicklinks zoom no longer affects the add quicklink button which has also been fixed with zoom
  • Text shadow removed on add quicklink to be consistent with notes
  • 12 hour clock has been fixed at midnight (thanks @garfieldbanks for reporting!)